How to Spell Activities - I especially like the "Make your words vanish" on the chalkboard!

How to spell: top 10 tricks

Spelling Use a small chalkboard and write the classes sight words. Then use a small eraser and have the students overlap the words written in chalk. Works on their motor skills needed to write the words and practices their spelling.

Learn letters in an ocean themed sensory tray

Ocean Sensory Writing Tray

Create an ocean themed sensory writing tray as a fun way to learn how to write letters and sounds, names and even sight words too!

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Roll the dice and copy the pattern. Adapt this for writing numbers by inserting numbers, or use for games with pictures of Numicon plates.

DIY ice chalk. Ice lolly mould or ice cube tray, fill it up with cornstarch water and food colouring.

DIY ice chalk and Popsicle chalk All you need is Popsicle mould or ice cube tray fill it up with cornstarch water and tempura paint/food colouring

Classroom Environment Superhero capes on back of chair ( Great Idea for the first row of seating for program attendance)