Organising things for kids

8 Organizational Tips to Get Your Kid's Closet in Shape!

This children's room has a modern look with tongue-and-groove panelling and pale wood flooring, but stars of the show are the innovative built-in bunk beds, which incorporate a den-like lower bunk, a top-of-the-world upper, plus mini staircase (don't insult us with a ladder!) and integrated book shelving.

Children's room with built-in bunk beds

Tongue-and-groove paneling in pale gray give this children's bunk room a sophisticated look that will wear well as its…


Inspirasjon til barnerommet - fem unike senger. The kids would love this bedroom!

10 Monochrome Kids Rooms

10 Monochrome Kids Rooms

Zwart-wit kinderkamer // Black and white kids room (Nord Design) For B&W wraps, have monochrome room, also look good with gold/silver metallics