Mark making tools

Mark making tools for Drawing II - students scavenge, assemble, experiment, and make adjustments to tools until they are satisfied. Swatches are created for reference and eventual use in combination with other drawings. Let's do a nature craft night !


I like how this one has all matching fabrics to the flowers and i like how they are all completely different but almost exactly the same

Laura Slater Textiles: February 2011

Laura Slater Textiles - Inspired by how block shapes are combined with different lines, textures and marks.

Mark making tool made from champaign cap.

Mark making tool made from champaign cap. Now I'm going to HAVE to have a champagne occasion!

a-level-art-sketchbook-A2 **Notes, References, Drawings, Comps>> They got it right!!**

Course work sketchbook ideas This is another page from the same Level 3 scholarship NCEA workbook it is an excellent example of how media trials and experimentation can be included within an A Level Art Sketchbook.