Not a wheelie in sight and your bin was collected from inside your boundary and put back there!!

I remember the bin men coming down the path to our back garden and heaving that heavy metal bin onto their shoulder and taking it out to the truck. Incredible when you think about it now and something you most definitely took for granted back then.

Conkers. I remember playing this until all you had was a lump of white stuff on a string! I tried everything, baking them, soaking them in vinegar and all sorts to get them to last the longest! I'm sure health and safety has sadly now stopped this kind of great kids' fun in the playground!

Conkers: A British Fall tradition!

playing conkers - not one of my favourites but remember playing and getting hurt once or twice!

Mod Vintage Sindy Dolls

Always wanted a Sindy doll.

Mr Golliwog, one of these was my first toy. I have pictures of me in my pram with it.

Mr Golliwog, one of my first toys. A black rag doll such as the red haired Raggedy Andy which was taken from children's story book characters. These dolls were beloved by many including myself.

fashion in the 1970's in britain - Google Search

Jackie Magazine 28 August 1971 Richard Barnes Middle of The Road