Midrand water tower, South Africa.

Midrand Water Tower, South Africa - At megalitres it is the largest water tower in the southern hemisphere. Created of post-tensioned concrete, the cone on a 23 ft.) diameter stem with a 33 ft.

george chakhava & zurab jalaghania: ministry of highways of (the soviet republic of) georgia | 1975

George Chakhava & Zurab Jalaghania, Ministry Of Highways Of The Soviet Republic Of Georgia, Brutalist Architecture

Soviet Brutalist architecture

Frunze Military Academy building, designed by Lev Rudnev and Vladimir Muntz (see War & Navy Commissariat). Decorative tank was demolished in Lives of many Academy graduates were destroyed much earlier, during the Great Purges. Photograph by Ivan Shagin

A tower built in the last decades of the U.S.S.R

23 Ominous Shots From the 'Architecture of Doom' Tumblr

The Central Research and Design Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, St Petersburg, Russia. Found in Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed, by Frederic Chaubin

La Grande-Motte, France.

Europavintage: La Grande Motte, Meaux, France (from Architectures de Cartes Postales). [We can only hope wiser heads have prevailed and removed this eyesore.