Matchbox diecast toy car, 1970

The Racing Mini: vintage Matchbox diecast toy car, 1970 My brother had it. I played with all his cars when he wasn't looking.

Red 2CV - my first car and my second car...if I could afford it now it would be my car #2 just for sunny summer days!

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Ford Capri - I used to think 'when I can drive that will be my dream car' funny how things change!

It was gonna be my parents wedding car but it broke down on the night! it was white.

Raleigh Chopper ad in 1970

Raleigh Chopper ad A generation of Parents bought them for their chopper-mad children. With several colours (yes, not colors) to choose from, there was a chopper to suit every child's taste. So retro, so cool and your friends envied you. A real classic.

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