A rush for trams on the Embankment in London during the railway strike - 1920

Chaos as Londoners rush for trams on the Victoria Embankment in London during a railway strike in

Hair dryer 1920s

All this woman wanted was dry hair and to experience the feeling her dog gets when he sticks his head out the car window.Although the blow dryer was invented by Alexander F. "Beau" Godfrey in a French salon in .

1924 Fleet Street, London, once home of the newspapers.

Autochrome of Fleet Street, London, 1924 by Albert Kahn.

The Open Road London 1927, filmed in early colour by Claude Friese-Greene

The Open Road London historical video footage

A gentleman - one P L Hamlin - poses with a rag and bone man in London - 1 October 1920

A gentleman - P L Hamlin - poses with a rag and bone man in London - 1 October 1920

1920s advertising poster for London Victoria station from the London Transport Museum collection.

Buy London Underground posters covering transport for London. Your favourite poster prints and artwork can be framed in tube line coloured frames

1920s Fete at Wimbledon Park House, London. Mme Anna Pavlova.

Fete at Wimbledon Park House, London.

London, 1920s.

Old Days: Old London Brittania junction Camden high st /Kentish town road

The 'K' type of motor bus - London - 16 November 1920

British Transport - Road - Buses - K Type Bus - London - 1920 1920 The "K" type of motor bus, seen in The Broadway, Westminster and first produced in

1920s advertising poster from the London Transport Museum collection.

To summer sales by Underground, by Horace Taylor, 1926 Published by Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd, 1926

Two boys dressed as sailors outside a London Tube station in the 1920s.

Two cute little boys in sailor suits, at a London railway station - late

Dove Art Deco Fashions

Dove Art Deco Fashions

This aerial photograph of London was taken in the early 1920s by Alfred G Buckham, a remarkable photographer and pilot

Alfred Buckham Aerial photograph of The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, circa 1920

Cockney Pearly Prince 1922   © 2011 Curatorial Assistance, Inc. / E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection.

The London portraits of forgotten photography pioneer EO Hoppé go on show at the National Portrait Gallery: The 'Pearlies', Master William Dennis Simmons, London, 1922

1920s flapper girls in London.

How to Be a Flapper Girl. Being a flapper was a trend in the Roaring Twenties, where some women rebelled against some of society's strict expectations of females. Flappers were women who liked to be "in the now styles and fads", and.

Edward Steichen - Conde Nast Photo in 1928 - collection of the National Portrait Gallery

Photo by Edward Steichen, On George Baher’s yacht. Vogt wearing fashion by Chanel and a hat by Reboux; Lee Miller wearing a dress by Mae and Hattie Green and a scarf by Chanel and Hanna-Lee Sherman.