Orient Express

As Louis Vuitton presents the new Orient Express-inspired A/W collection, we explore the era of luxury rail travel, and the Agatha Christie classic that immortalised it.
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Original poster advertising the Orient Express. For similar vintage posters, check out http://www.vintageseekers.com/collectibles/travel-posters

Poster advertising the Orient Express from Paris to Constantinople. The image was placed in railroad stations along the route of the Orient Express.

Ian Fleming on the 'From Russia With Love' movie set sitting on the Orient Express

Ian Fleming on the 'From Russia With Love' movie set sitting on the Orient Express

Louis Vuitton catwalk in Shanghai, led by the grand Louis Vuitton Express steam train

Stars celebrate as the Louis Vuitton Express pulls in to Shanghai - Fashion Galleries

Louis Vuitton's Autumn Collection ad campaign harks back to the early days of rail travel elegance. Check out our website for genuine LV luggage: http://www.vintageseekers.com/design/luggage/designer/louis-vuitton

The fashion show resembled the Orient Express - a journey back to the glory days of luxurious and elegant rail travel (file photo)

A still from the 1963 James Bond blockbuster, From Russia With Love. Pictures Sean Connery as Bond and Robert Shaw as professional assassin Red Grant, shortly before an ensuing struggle in a cabin on board the train

"Tell me, which lunatic asylum did they get you out of?" Bond addresses Red Grant in "From Russia With Love.