A Swarovski crystal embossed Marmite Jar!

Marmite all dressed up for a fancy night out! A Swarovski crystal embossed Marmite Jar!

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Marmite Perfume anyone?

Clarke and Candy this better not even show up at my door step!

Marmite, Jars

my towels smelling of that yeasty aroma.

The independent resource for all things Marmite. Marmite is a nutritious savoury spread that contains B vitamins, enjoyable in a sandwich, on toast, bread or even as a cooking ingredient. You either love it or hate it.

Marmite, Jars

This is brilliant: Margaret Thatcher: the Marmite PM. Should have been done by Marmite rather than the Guardian though

Jo Bull, I hope you can see this. Caroline Shotton - The Hawthorn Gallery - Limited Edition Art Releases, Fine Art