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A board of beautiful interiors and exteriors. Things that don't match my personal room style, but are still amazing, or homes that are purely amazing
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a bedroom with green walls and floral wallpaper on the ceiling, along with a large rug
furniture collection
Regardless whether you are really improving your mattress, moving house or having a filter, we could acquire your desired unwanted furniture. #Furnituredesignlivingroom
a kitchen sink sitting under a window filled with potted plants
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the inside of a greenhouse with many plants growing in pots and on the ground next to it
Low Impact Living
one with the garden solarium mud house cob house greenhouse
the walkway is lined with potted plants and glass windows on either side of it
Southside sunroom The separation of the sunroom from the interior living space
a table and chairs in a room filled with plants
Inspiring Sunrooms for that much needed Sunshine – Plant Conservatory and Sun-room Ideas and Designs
sunrooms romantic corner with dining table and plants for celebration within
a room filled with lots of green plants and flowers on the ceiling above a table
The Little Hermitage
Perhaps, on the flat land in front of the entrance to the top of the barn, we could build a patio/ greenhouse/ sitting area with all glass walls and roof. This way, we can sit "outside" even when it's cold, and we would have the extra heat inside from sharing a wall with the greenhouse. It also leaves us with more space in the barn for storage.