Bespoke Control Panels

Tailored control panels to suit the hotels interior
11 Pins
a black and green sign on a white wall next to a light switch that is lit up
Status Indicator Panel @vividsystem
the control panel is clearly visible for all of us to see
Illuminated Control Panel @vividsystem
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window near the ocean on top of a wooden floor
Custom wall control panel @vividsystem
there is a clock on the wall above the bed
Custom bespoke bedside control panel @vividsystem
an illuminated light switch on a wall in a room with white walls and black trim
Status Indicator Panel @vividsystem
a living room with a couch and chandelier hanging from the ceiling next to a white tiled wall
there is a clock on the side of a wall next to some wood paneling
an image of a light bulb on a marble wall with the words,'what do you think?'written below it
an appliance with buttons and symbols on the front side, including one light bulb
a white wall mounted light switch with buttons