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an old stone building with steps leading up to the door and windows on each side
Castle in Civitacampomarano
a lone tree on the edge of a cliff by the ocean at night with a city in the distance
Emeryville, CA
a small waterfall in the middle of a forest with a bridge over it's water
"Old Man's Cave," located at Hocking Hills State Park in southern Ohio, got its name from hermit Richard Rowe who made the large cave home in the early 1800s. (photo: Heather Morris)
a horse that is standing in the dirt near some buildings with stairs on each side
Ancient fort
a corgi dog sitting on top of a bed in a room with striped walls
The Chihuahua taking a break
cars are parked on the street in front of shops and buildings with mountains in the background
Love this town....
there is a dog that is standing in the middle of an empty area with benches
The Chihuahua at Four Corners
a large red and yellow sign sitting on the side of a road
DAY 2 Jan 14 - Key West, Florida
Favorite vacation spot for an adult vacation
a black and white photo of a street light in front of a castle on top of a hill
All things Europe
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland