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Can your fandom sell out arenas in 3 mins? >>> directioners are just so talented

One Direction Fan Page ❤ - Google+

One Direction Fan Page ❤ - Google+

#letpaulsing I can see it now! I also think another song with Billy Bob Bob Billy from the grrat state of Alabama wouldnt kill anyone ;)

Um, yeah that "security gaurd" has a name. It's Big Rob. But this should start trending.

:) yeahh...cozz that's who we are

Swifters and Beliebers bow down to us! wxcuse the language, i thought it was funny!

Liam can't remember doing this..

i love them so much

Is this true??

Is this true??

Repin Directioners... Or ignore for justin .

Harry did it before Justin and most likely Justin saw the picture and tried to copy it . But harry did it much better

Wey Hey! I was just wondering if any of you have a Twitter? I just got one.

You know you're a Directioner when you understand the Beyonce thing