Attitude is important because it encompasses consumers, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. The strength and direction of an attitude can be characterized by: favorability, accessibility, confidence, persistence, and resistance.
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The unique nature and feel- good- message of the "Real Beauty Campaign" by Dove gives the brand a strong positive attitude. Going against the norm is what makes Dove stand out in a positive way!

The Victoria's Secret Love Your Body Campaign Vs. The Dove Real Beauty. Have a healthy image of your body. I honestly think the dove girls are gorgeous! Goal body for sure

Another way to create a strong positive brand is to be easily recalled through accessibility. Apple products are everywhere and their logo is so universally recognizable that its brand has be able to maintain its strength for a long period of time.

Biblical reference to eating from the tree of knowledge. Computers give us knowledge. Very clever. Also a very common word, easy to remember. Implied reference to nature and all things that are green, a very popular movement in advertising.

Powerful video's like this helps make Dove's Real Beauty campaign even more powerful.

DOVE "Onslaught" by David Hayman. Video showing the many images and ideas girls encounter daily regarding beauty and sexuality.

Domino's did a great job of changing people attitude about their product. When they realized their customers were unhappy with the quality of their product they launched a campaign in which they owned their mistakes and vowed to make changes in the future.

Dominos logo is a simple, fun little piece. it is in the shape of 2 dominos and doesn't take much to be remembered by customers.

The Domino's Pizza Turnaround Video

Domino's Pizza "The Pizza Turnaround" - This campaign was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Boulder.

In order for consumers to keep a good attitude about a brand, they need to be confident that they will be receiving what they ask for when they ask for it. Chipotle has a great reputation for delivering consistently good food at an efficient rate.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants serve a menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls (a burrito without the tortilla) and salads.

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