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Such a beautiful color Strawberry blonde hair color

I LOVE this color! Blonde Highlights With Muddy Red Brown Hair Color hair blonde girl hair color pretty hair hairstyle hair ideas beautiful hair girl hair highlights hair cuts

Use Bloom's Taxonomy in your classroom and activate Higher Order Thinking! Free flip-chart that teachers, students, parents, and instructional assistants can use!

awesome flip chart resource for a teacher creating meaningful lessons for her students using the levels of Bloom's taxonomy, higher order thinking skills.

This is great for helping students draft their own IEPs. Setting SMART goals - I am going to put this in my office! What a great visual for students setting post secondary goals!

Setting SMART goals- also good for school counselling programs. A great starting point for anyone setting goals, no matter how old! Always a good idea to go back to basics, especially if we find our goals are getting too large and unattainable.