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a building that has been designed to look like a cube
MAD creates reflective cube that touches the ground from a single point at Milan Design Week
an aerial view of a person standing in front of a blue and yellow cross walk
Italo Rota and Carlo Ratti create 'world’s largest board game' with energy-harvesting tiles
a large sculpture in the middle of a field
Four must-see art installations at Coachella 2023
there are many tables and chairs in the room
B.L.U.E. creates 'symbiotic urban furniture' aiming to bring back a sense of home to public space
a wooden structure sitting in the middle of a forest
GRAU Architects built a tea house pavilion giving a ceremonial impression overlooking a lake
two people are standing on the floor with their surfboards
Civil Architecture installs a sundial making our sense of time more understandable
an aerial view of a large body of water with buildings and boats in the background
Ma Yansong crowns abandoned market with rainbow-hued fabric in Guangdong
people are standing in front of a large white structure that is lit up at night
Es Devlin completes illuminated sculpture drawing attention to London's endangered species
a group of people standing around a wooden structure
SOM's robotically-fabricated pavilion explores future construction methods at Chicago Biennial 2021
large bubbles are floating in the air near bushes and trees, with numbers on them
Carlo Ratti Associati suspends floating bubbles to show how plants can capture and store carbon
an empty building with columns and arches lit up by purple lighting from the ceiling to the floor
noa* installs 34 light beams that form Transsensorial Gateway at Milan Design Week 2021
the building has many arches and windows on each side, along with an ornamental garden in front
MAD presents large-scale seabird installation and Dior’s Medallion Chair at Milan Design Week 2021
an empty room with green tiles on the walls and white floors, along with two round lights
studio wok combines granite formations with Sardinian earth tones for Myrto Restaurant in Italy
there are many large balloons in the shape of flowers
ENESS designs 16 inflatable and technology characters for interactive Airship Orchestra
a large white structure sitting in the middle of a street
Mule Studio's installation, made of 5,555 paper cups, draws attention to minimal waste in London