interior designs
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a room with wooden floors and walls has chairs, tables, and lamps on the ceiling
Estudio Ebras and Hause Möbel add orange hues and textures to home and office in Córdoba
there are three large concrete pillars in the room
Jewellery store in India features sculpted and fluid walls that mimic nature inside
a white room filled with lots of furniture
Store interiors by Sò Studio feature soft beige tones to give the feeling of 'like your skin'
an outdoor seating area with red bricks and white umbrellas
Bakery cafe by sukchulmok features bold red brick tiles and rounded walls evoking 'a warm nest'
an empty room with lots of windows in it
Atelier tao+c creates a crystal-like showroom with two stacked timber volumes in Beijing
the interior of a cave with benches and tables
NONE SPACE mimics forests and caves in the interiors of a 120-year-old church in South Korea
an open door leading to another room with pink walls and flooring in the middle
OMA and SolidNature present exhibition showcasing the natural formations of stone in Milan
an aerial view of a house with the sun setting in the background and water behind it
WJ STUDIO completes interiors of vaulted-roof Boatyard Hotel towards the river in Suzhou
a white room with several tables and stools in the center, all lined up against each other
Beauty store by Spacemen features soft weaves made of soft white layers of fabric in Malaysia
two chairs are sitting in the middle of a room with shelves on either side of it
Rina Lovko Studio creates interiors for beauty salon evoking a sandy beach in Kyiv
the inside of an innovation store with wooden shelves and counter tops, along with illuminated lighting
Innovation Eye Clinic by Atelier Sun features artistic ceiling made of wooden slats in Ontario
an empty room with chairs and tables in it
Wutopia Lab takes customers back in time under the vaulted arcades in this cafe in Shanghai
a room that has a mirror on the wall next to it and a bench in front of it
Bold peachy colors define interiors of nail flag store designed by 8877 Interiors in Shanghai
an empty room with round tables and blue tiles on the wall, in front of a circular mirror
Medicine clinic features handcrafted details and creamy tones inspired by Aster flowers in Valencia
two people are sitting in the middle of an empty room with white walls and floor
Fashion boutique features dune-shaped space to evoke a serene escape from a bustling city