Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

12 Pins
three men standing in front of a building with red brick walls and green planters
Brazilian Pavilion will present 'Terra', rethinking the country as earth in Venice Biennale
World Architecture, Human Language, Psychology Degree, In Vivo, Architectural Practice, Urban Area, New Relationships, Contemporary Architecture
Belgian Pavilion will explore relationship of architects with resources in Venice Biennale
a large billboard is in the middle of a grassy area with trees and flowers on it
Albanian Pavilion explores the role of civic spaces through digital technology in Venice Biennale
the shelves are filled with many different types of items and there is no image here to provide a caption for
The Hungarian Pavilion will explore the Museum of Ethnography in Venice Architecture Biennale
an old abandoned building sitting in the middle of a dirt field with trees growing out of it
Bulgarian Pavilion will explore depopulation and abandoned schools of the country in Venice Biennale
several people walking through the woods in winter
Lithuanian Pavilion will act as an educational tool that helps children learn about the forests
a white building with the word polonina on it
The Polish Pavilion to unfold the world's relationship with data in Venice Architecture Biennale
workers are working on machinery in a factory
Spanish Pavilion will explore the Spanish agro-architectural context with Foodscapes
a yellow bench sitting in front of a building with an abstract design on it's side
The Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo will present rks2 | transcendent locality in Venice Biennale
a painting of a bathtub with blue water coming out of the tub and plants in it
Estonian Pavilion will explore the changing conflicting paradigms between homes and real estate
people are standing in front of a white building with columns and letters on the side
Venice Architecture Biennale 2023: The full list of Participants and Collateral Events
an aerial view of people walking on a bridge
The Korean Pavilion presents 2086: Together How? in Venice Architecture Biennale 2023