Cave to Canvas, Eduardo Paolozzi, Bash, 1971

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi ‘Bash’, 1971 screenprint © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation

Eduardo Paolozzi - pop collage artist

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Dr Pepper 1948 Medium Printed papers on paper Dimensions Image: 358 x 238 mm

eduardo paolozzi - head outside Design Museum, London

eduardo paolozzi - A very interesting surrealist piece of work which. The displacement of anatomy in such square chunks shows an almost mechanical outlook to it.

Eduardo Paolozzi's Tottenham Court Road Tube Station – east-bound, central line. #art, #travel, #places

Scottish sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi designed the mosaic murals at Tottenham Court Road station of the London Underground,

Eduardo Paolozzi Vulcan 1998 - 1999

Eduardo Paolozzi Vulcan 1998 - 1999 In this sculpture he has used the materials such as glass and metal to make it look like a very large robot.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, ‘Real Gold’ 1950

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, ‘Real Gold’ 1950 Ten Collages from BUNK Printed papers…

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