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two people walking down a street with buildings in the background and text that reads berlin travel guide
(Re)visiting the Magic of Berlin - Wading Wade
Looking for Berlin trip inspiration? Here is a real and useful travel guide to the city of Berlin, by two girls visiting for the second and third time respectively! Bars, culture, food, reflections and more...
a neon sign that says nightlife hipster bars to visit in berlin
(Re)visiting the Magic of Berlin - Wading Wade
3 BARS YOU MUST VISIT IN BERLIN Berlin is notorious for its nightlife and we made sure to visit quite a few bars during this trip...
a street sign with graffiti on it next to a bus stop and buildings in the background
Berlin: when the glitter shakes off - Wading Wade
BERLIN: WHEN THE GLITTER SHAKES OFF My realisation about how I romanticised Berlin, what I think now and what I love about this magical city. Includes a lot of photos of Berlin.