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Pins you'll love! - - Gmail

Swansea Market

ShareFeast your eyes on our top 10 tasty UK food markets. Visit these markets.

Gellionnen Chapel

Story is when they removed the Gellionnen Stone in June 1967 from the chapel all, paranormal things started happening both at the stones location in.

Merthyr Mawr cottage

Thatched cottage at Merthyr Mawr / thatch / thatched roof / historic / house exterior /

Llancaiach Mawr

Unsure what to do before your night out this Bank Holiday Sunday? Get out in the Sunshine at Caerphilly Motor Festival at Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Don`t miss it!

Wales from the International Space Station. Ireland and Isle of Man too.

Ireland, Wales and Mann silhouetted in the setting sun Chris Hadfield/NASA