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a woman holding a dog in her arms wearing a skull face paint on it's head
A Day of the Dead party for dogs is happening in Wales
A Day of the Dead party for dogs is happening in Wales
a dog dressed up as santa clause on the beach with other dogs in costume behind him
Hundreds of sausage dogs dressed up for festive beach walk
a black and white dog sitting on top of a floor covered in pieces of paper
Hilarious pictures show the damage dogs do when owners aren't looking
'I didn't do it!'
many people are walking on the beach with their dogs
100 sausage dogs enjoy 'walkies' at Barry Island Beach
More than 100 sausage dogs take over Barry Island beach
a small white dog wearing a red and white outfit
Bobby the Christmas Pooch
a man kneeling down next to a brown dog wearing a yellow vest and black hat
Pooch abandoned as a four-week-old puppy is back at dogs home
Lucy the Doberman - abandoned for the second time
a small dog wearing glasses and a pink bandana stands next to a bag with a photo of a pug on it
Thousands descend on Cardiff for Pugfest
So. Many. Pugs.
two white dogs sitting next to each other
Puppy born without back paws needs a £10,000 operation
Can you help Rodney get new feet?
two cats laying on top of a bed next to each other, one with green eyes
Two kittens were dumped in their carrier on the side of busy road
Who could do such a thing?
two dogs are being held in their owners arms, one is black and the other is white
Ten dogs illegally imported from Ireland are all rehomed by the RSPCA
A happy ending for these pups!
a baby sloth is being fed milk from a bottle
Baby sloth gets teddy as replacement mum at London Zoo
This is probably the cutest video you will see all week
there are many kittens in the cage and one is being held by someone's hand
Seven kittens saved from crusher by binmen
Seven adorable kittens narrowly escape death after being rescued by rubbish collectors - Wales Online
a close up of a dog's face with it's nose slightly open
wasteland, baby
We've got that Monday feeling
a dog standing on top of a surfboard in the water
Lola the chihuahua is a hit on the waves after taking up surfing in Llandudno
What skills!
a man and woman holding several puppies in their arms
These four puppies were born on a farm and they are all blind
These four puppies were born on a farm and they are all blind