These mini chicken + carrot meatballs are a perfect first finger food for baby, but don't be surprised when the rest of the family starts popping them in their mouths as well! Filled with ground chicken, carrots, spinach and applesauce - these mini meatballs are a healthy (and completely add

Mini Chicken + Carrot Meatballs for Baby

chicken carrot spinach mini meatballs - babyfoode 1 lb ground chicken or turkey cup applesauce or apple puree cup shredded carrot cup chopped spinach cup chopped green onion 1 egg cup breadcrumbs tsp cumin salt and pepper

Little Grazers Mini Tuna and Sweet Corn Quiches - blw, baby led weaning, kids meals, family meals, fussy eaters, finger foods

Mini Tuna and Sweet Corn Quiches

One if the hardest foods to try get my Mr B to eat is porridge. We all know oats have fantastic health benefits and is a great breakfast food but because we don't spoon feed, it's been really hard ...

Porridge cakes

Porridge cakes - freezer friendly maybe, use up purée or very ripe fruit, also tried ricotta and lemon rind with 3 Tbsp oats and almond milk, each recipe made about 3 mini muffins

Cauliflower Cheese Bites

Cauliflower Cheese Bites

My eldest won’t eat cauliflower or broccoli and my youngest has recently taken a disliking to it too, so I wanted to try and do a recipe where I could convince them both to eat it and so I ma…

Baby-led weaning (blw) - food inspiration for the first month

Baby-led weaning (blw) - food inspiration for the first month

A list of foods that my son ate during his first month of baby-led weaning. What he ate, how he ate it and links to any recipes.

Little Baby Lasagne (with egg and dairy free option) Baby Led Feeding.

Little Baby Lasagne (with egg and dairy free option)

These yummy Little Baby Lasagnes are sized perfectly for baby's hands when blw. These healthy lasagnes have a dairy and egg free option too.

Carrot stars are a high protein snack for kids with some carrot for extra goodness. Made with only 4 ingredients

Carrot Stars (only 4 ingredients)

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