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OK I have been told this A LOT!!! And now I know what to say back!!! I laughed pretty hard at this. (Sometimes the best thing is simply stating the obvious)

I hate when people say that shit And I'm not made of money to wear a new shirt everyday. And if someone is going to judge me for that, I know to stay away from them.

The best comeback yet!

Someone from Pottsville, Arkansas, US posted a whisper in the group The Sarcastic Idiots, which reads "When snobs at school overhear my music: Eww, what are you listening to? Me: I know right! Your voice is awfully disturbing.

Teenager post

Teenager Post # 19656 Anytime a guy says "that's what she said" always reply with "not to you". Gonna start doing that.

At least we'd be together! Lol! @gladiolanirvana @saralayne42 @queanymicpaimou @annascousin @jbirds821 @theimpossiblegi

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