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Rome, italy - march legend of furius camillus on ceiling of borghese gallery in rome Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Chateau Saint Ange, Place Saint Pierre, Ceiling Painting, Deck Party, Sabbats, Chef D Oeuvre

Roaming Rome: The Villa Borghese

For my boyfriends birthday we wanted to spend a long weekend away, and since it's my favourite European city and he's never been before, Rome seemed the perfect choice. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that Rome feels like home to me, and I wanted to share this feeling with my boyfriend. We…

While most travellers to Eastern Europe visit Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, the smaller city of Mostar in the Herzegovina region is well worth the trip. The picturesque city is home to the Balkans' most celebrated bridge, Stari Most, a magical stone arch Countries To Visit, European Countries, Most Beautiful Cities, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Day Tours, Day Trip, Weekend Trips, Weekend Getaways, Places To See

Wanderlust: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia is in South Eastern Europe, located on the Adriatic Coast and bordered by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. This country has a long, heart-breaking history of war, oppression, and political and cultural changes, and is known for its part in the disillusion of the former Yugoslavia Republic. Alot of this history is still apparent in…

Photo Post: Tiger Close-up Close Up, Posts, Blog, Ideas, Messages, Blogging, Thoughts

Photo Post: Tiger Close-up

These creatures are powerful, daring and potentially dangerous, yet so peacefully serene and strikingly beautiful when they feel safe. I love this photo I took back in 2017, particularly for its details; the droplets of water sitting on his muzzle, every tuft of fur, each individual whisker, the contrast of his magnificent stripes, those lined…

Unplanned, Unpredictable, Unexpected – I want to be travelling Travelling, Things I Want, Posts, River, Blog, Outdoor, Outdoors, Messages, Blogging

Unplanned, Unpredictable, Unexpected – I want to be travelling

I'm sat at work: paper spread out in an organised mess... folders lie in piles around my feet... 2 half-drunk cups of coffee sit cold and discarded... the one solitary pen I have has once again gone missing... the phones ringing, undoubtedly a customer chasing their order... And I'm daydreaming, I want to be travelling...…

Tenerife: Superb Street Art Street Art, Culture, Artwork, Blog, Painting, Travel, Spain, Ships, Posts

Tenerife: Superb Street Art

In Puerto de la Cruz's historic centre I was strolling down one of the narrow streets lined with restaurants, looked up and saw a huge piece of street art. As the days went on I noticed street art everywhere. They were painted in 2014 as part of an outdoor museum installation, but keep an eye…

Photo Post: Waves of Tenerife Tenerife, Niagara Falls, Waves, Posts, Blog, Teneriffe, Messages, Blogging, Wave

Photo Post: Waves of Tenerife

I love taking photographs of waves... They're so hypnotic, calmly rolling in one after another, the way they swell gaining power and height, how they crashing violently against rocky formations ... I'm easily mesmerised by waves! Here are a few I took on my recent trip away to Tenerife, enjoy! Do any of you…

5 Favourites from my Library New Books, Books To Read, The Book Thief, Bookcase, Shelves, Posts, Blog, Inspiration, Home Decor

5 Favourites from my Library

I love finding new books to read, and often find inspiration from other people's recommendations - so I thought I'd share a handful of my favourite books from my 'Library'. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak "HERE IS A SMALL FACT - You are going to die 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its…

Photo Post: Sunrise & Sunset Around the World Thailand Travel, Sunrise, To Go, Africa, Around The Worlds, Europe, Amp, Posts, Blog

Photo Post: Sunrise & Sunset Around the World

Just a few of the many Sunrises and Sunsets I've had the chance to photograph, taken in various locations across Africa, Asia and Europe... My 3 favourites: In 2015 I went on a 2 week volunteer trip to Thailand, working with some gorgeous elephants. One evening I was sat reading near the elephants…

It’s no wonder Palawan ranked as the most beautiful island in the world this year, as the clear aquamarine water, limestone cliffs, and lagoons of the island province of the Philippines are only the most basic highlights. Palawan is home to nature reserve Philippines Palawan, Les Philippines, Philippines Travel, Top Countries To Visit, Countries Of The World, Beautiful Islands, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Scenery, Beautiful Pictures

Wanderlust: The Philippines

The Philippines are a group of more than 7000 tropical islands in South East Asia. Sitting on the Pacific Ring of Fire, means that they have some rather unpredictable weather but also some of the greatest biodiversity in the world! The country was ruled under the Spanish for approximately 350 years, and this is evident…

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The tangible feeling Rome gives me is something almost indescribable – but I’ll give it a shot. It imparts a feeling like no other place ever has. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to places where I feel safe, comfortable and completely welcome, but Rome leaves me feeling something more than that. That feeling you…

A window into the beauty, diversity, and charm that Rome has to offer. From history and culture to food and nature! Diversity, Rome, Italy, Posts, Culture, Blog, Italia, Messages, Blogging

Photo Post: Roma, Italy

A window into the beauty, diversity, and charm that Rome has to offer... From history and culture to food and nature!

Brussels Blunders: Part 2 - Stranded 3 Days Trip, Brussels, About Me Blog, Posts, Reading, Messages, Word Reading, The Reader, Reading Books

Brussels Blunders: Part 2 – Stranded

If you've been following my blog you'll know this post is the second half of a tale about a not-so-long-ago 3 day trip to Brussels in Belgium. (If you haven't read part 1 you can find it here). Setting the Scene for Part 2: Day 3 was off to a better start, especially since we…

Brussels Blunders: Part 1 – Suspicious & Shouted at Royal Palace, Luxembourg, Capital City, Brussels, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Louvre, Europe

Brussels Blunders: Part 1 – Suspicious & Shouted at

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, a small country in Europe bordered by The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. It's a beautiful city of intricate architecture, gorgeous food and friendly people. Best known for its Grand Place Square, Mannekin Pis (Peeing Boy), Royal Palace and being the heart of the European Union, it's a…

My First Blog Post: Where to Begin? First Blog Post, Elephant, Posts, In This Moment, Travel, Voyage, Messages, Elephants, Viajes

My First Blog Post: Where to Begin?

Well... After spending easily over a year reading travel blogs, watching vlogs and saying "I wish that was something I could achieve", my boyfriend finally said to me "Well do it, just try it. At the end of the day, if nothing comes of it, you've found yourself another creative hobby". That was thee moment,…