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Upcycle Old Tech With Computer Mods

And now for something completely different - Kick Drum Computer Case - you can stick this under the drum kit desk (located on another pin)

Mnpctech! "Tribute to SERENITY firefly" ...    more photos @,863668/CES-2012-Sehenswerte-Firefly-Casemod-bei-Corsair-Bilder-des-Tages/Gehaeuse/News/bildergalerie/

Serenity: Inspired by the grungy retro-tech of the cult sci-fi series Firefly and its spinoff movie Serenity, this box looks like just the sort of that might need a good kick once or twice during a space pursuit by Reavers.

Computer cases | Best Case Mods of Quakecon 2010 - The Tool Box PC and The Monster PC ...

Quakecon is almost known for its custom case builders and modders, and this year is certainly no different, from an ITX minibike to full multi-loop watercooled systems there are cases to intrigue everyone. Read on to see many more slick looking custom cas

There are mid towers, full towers and then skyscrapers.

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