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a man writing on a whiteboard in an office with lots of tables and stools
Architects M Moser deliver immersive brand experience at new APAC offices for Global drinks firm Diageo
an office with multiple desks and computers in it's cubicle, along with hanging lights
Gallery of WIX.COM Office in Vilnius / INBLUM - 10
WIX.COM Office in Vilnius,© Darius Petrulaitis
two people are playing ping pong in an office with green drapes on the windows
A playful office In the center of Madrid, Zooco has created a unique office space for Goodman Real Estate. The project includes movable curtains, and areas that mix leisure with work. The meeting table is paired with Globus chairs and functions also as a ping pong table. Project: @zoocoestudio Photo: @imagensubliminal
three people sitting at a table in an office with plants on the wall behind them
intive Offices - Wroclaw | Office Snapshots
two people sitting at desks in an office with plants hanging from the ceiling above them
Commercial Interior Design Ideas | 5 Rules for Successful Commercial Interiors | Foyr
an office with lots of chairs and tables in the middle of it's lobby
youvee UV-C air purifier, anthracite by YOUVEE
Smart UV-C air purifier youvee® - Made in Germany Following the guiding principle "Form Follows Function" in a technically neutral design as a vertical cylinder, the focus of this device is on effective air purification. To this end, youvee® not only disinfects the air drawn in, but also ensures its continuous and even distribution in the room. The cycle of rising warm air and sinking cool air in the room (convection) forms the basis of the air purifier's design. The heated, upwardly rising brea
people are sitting at tables with plants in them
88 Wood St
With a wide scope of works covering multiple floors, as well as ground floor reception, this fit-out in the iconic London skyscraper, 88 Wood St is a contemporary conversion of the original building design, giving it a modern feel with high quality detailing and top-quality materials, ultimately increasing the asset value.
two people sitting at desks in an office with plants hanging from the ceiling and bookshelves
Gallery of House of King George | Modular Lighting Instruments | Media - 6
an office with glass walls and potted plants in the center, along with two chairs
Bombay Shirt Company Offices - Mumbai | Office Snapshots
Bureaux de Bombay Shirt Company - Mumbai - Instantanés de bureaux
Jeremiah Brent's 4,000-square-foot Greenwich Village NYC interior design office. Design Office Space, Interior Design Office Space, Chic Office Space, Nate And Jeremiah, Business Office Design, Interior Design Office, Jeremiah Brent, Cristian Dior, Ergonomics Furniture
Take a Peek at Jeremiah Brent's Chic 4,000-Square-Foot Greenwich Village Office
people are sitting at tables in an open area with wood paneling and hanging lights
airbnb's tokyo office provides nature-themed respite from hectic city life