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'Sea Rise City' envisages Bristol as future floating metropolis

Sea Rise City 2015 --- 'Growing land in Bristol to combat sea level rise’ Nearly three billion people currently live in low elevation coastal areas around .

The Crab Nebula Is a Gorgeous Mystery

trippypreposition: “ Here are ten thoughts that will change the way you think about existence. ” Easily one of the coolest collections of images and information on ever!



London 'stinkmap' could change urban planning (Wired UK)

London 'stinkmap' could change urban planning

Smellscapes of London and Barcelona have been created in the hope city planners will take more notice of inhabitants' olfactory experiences when it comes to future decisions and designs


Designing Social Buttons: How Do Users Share What They Like?

The Who, What, When, Wear, and Why of Wearable Technology | UX Magazine

While different in many ways, the three primary categories of wearable technology share attributes that designers, developers, and product managers need to be aware of.

How 'injectable origami electronics' could meld with your brain (Wired UK)

How 'injectable origami electronics' could meld with your brain

Equality for Mental Health campaign: treat mental health like physical health (Wired UK)

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