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“Just sending on BIG THANKS to you and your team for everything you have done to assure that The Pembrokeshire Charity Bike Ride was yet again a brilliant success. In its 13th year it is still going from strength to strength attracting this year just over 400 riders and raising £11,800 to date however still counting as monies will still be coming in until the end of the month!! Without the support of kind people like yourselves this simply would not be possible so again a BIG BIG THANKYOU.

We sponsor the Pembrokeshire Charity Bike Ride, this event in 2013 was a big success!

You might not think that commissioning a website has much to do with building a house, but as we’ll show you, the ‘Grand Designs’ approach to construction has as much to say about websites as it does beautiful homes..

18 Smartest Beautiful Interior Design Tricks To Make Your Home Unique - Buzzenova.

t’s December, and although the holidays don’t start for a couple more weeks, we’re in a Christmas mood in the WebAdept offices here in Pembrokeshire. It’s an occupational hazard of working in the digital world – developing websites and digital marketing – that we come across loads of cool stuff online, so we decided to put it all together into one big long Christmas list. There’s something to delight the tech geek in everyone (however deeply that inner tech geek might be hidden).

View the newest computer wallpapers and desktop backgrounds - Wallpaper Abyss

Having a digital presence in the 21st Century is a bit of a ‘no brainer’, but how do you know how you’re doing, where you’re at and how close to achieving your digital goals you are? Auditing your digital presence regularly is a vital piece of the digital puzzle. Here’s what you need to look at, and the questions you need to be asking yourself.

Auditing your digital presence - questions to ask - Web Adept UK

So we set you off with a long list of questions to ask as part of your digital audit . Did you think we were just going to abandon you? Of course, we weren’t! But a digital audit – a proper one, especially if you haven’t done one before, is a big undertaking, so in the interests of making it more manageable, we’ve broken down some of the elements into smaller chunks. This blog looks at auditing your website in more details. Get the coffee on.It could be a long one…

The Portland Coffee Scene – Roasted to Perfection. Portland Oregon's coffee scene stands out from the entire rest of the country.

In our series on auditing your digital presence, this blog looks at how to get to grips with your social media, to help you conduct and audit of your social media presence, and put together a coherent social strategy for the future. You won’t need a scrubbing brush – but some patience and a little time to really get to grips with what’s going on with your social media – and how it needs to change to be effective and deliver return on investment..

They need to make a combo with one side long & angled for sweeping and the other short & stiff for scrubbing. Would be a great camp tool.

Wondering how to approach digital marketing for your travel business? As with any industry, there are some general principles that apply when you’re creating your digital strategy  – and this is no different for the travel industry – examine your offering, look at your market and identify your customer. After exploring these, we’ve put together 9 top tips to help you write your digital marketing strategy for your travel business.

Putting together a digital marketing strategy for your travel business involves careful through, applying general principles - and our 9 top tips!

Food is massive. And it’s everywhere. All over the TV, and social media. While the bad news is that it’s already a crowded market place, the good news is that there are lots of other businesses in the food industry using digital marketing successfully – or not so successfully – so plenty to watch and learn from. One thing you can be sure of – the food businesses you are following on social media will almost certainly have a digital strategy – and you should too.

5 Key Points for Creating a Delicious Digital Strategy - Web Adept UK

The accountancy sector is quickly changing – not only prompted by changes in legislation and procedure, but as a result of the new ways people are working with automated systems, cloud based technology and the increasing popularity of outsourcing. Not all accountancy firms have kept up the pace necessary to stay competitive and visible online in this new digital age.

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