valley greens (love seeing these shades of green side-by-side; shows how well they look together)

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this would be a nice palette to play with valley greens (love seeing these shades of green side-by-side; shows how well they look together)

Learn how to create a polygonal vector mosaic from raster images with the help of a free Triangulator web-based tool and Adobe Illustrator.

The public restroom in the city park of Uster, Switzerland has a complex facade of 295 folded aluminum strips. The depth of the folding and the slightly different colors of each strip generate a shimmering facade that changes depending on sun angle and the observers’ perspective. Designed by Gramazio & Kohler

Public Toilets / Gramazio & Kohler

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Tasty kettles for Curtis by Catzwolf , via Behance (eb)- the warm tones in this picture really set the mood for comfort. The back lighting helps the viewer focus on the main object, which is the orange tea pot with the chocolate.

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POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

Very cool how they took the end of the bottle and made it look like a tomato. Gives the ketchup look to be more healthy than it really is.

Heinz ketchup poster - in this poster, designer put the stalk of tomato on top of the ketchup bottle to represent tomato. Designer used just two elements(ketchup bottle and tomato top) but now it show new aspect from that. It's simple but smart.

Squarespace – new homepage

Squarespace – new homepage

Infographics Squarespace - new homepage Apps Launcher by Sergey Skip Web Design Layout.

By using the tomato as the Heinz "bottle" you know that their ketchup is fresh, and straight from the source(tomato). Also it ties into the text because they are differentiating themselves on having the freshest, most natural ketchup made out of tomatoes, which happen to be the bottle.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup This ad shows the need to satisfy curiosity. It shows this by having the ketchup bottle look like slices of tomatoes. Which satisfies the curiosity that it is made with real tomatoes.

In this poster, the Stihl blower is so good that it will blow the print off a newspaper.

Had enough bad news? Advertising Agency: Winsper, Boston, USA Creative Director: Steve Bautista Art Directors: Brian Fandetti, Mitch Lunsford Copywriters: Steve Bautista, Chris Lee Photographer: Ed James Retouching: Act Two Um/Stuart Callow Publishe

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