Looms I love and want

You can never have enough looms so here's a board of the looms that I have and the ones I dream to have one day.
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crochet supplies are sitting on a table next to a sewing kit and scissors
DIY Cardboard Box Inkle Loom Tutorial
DIY weaving loom.
the loom is being worked on by someone
My Louet Delta floor loom with a grey Shetland warp on it. Loom is 12 shafts 14 treadles and 130cm wide.
the loom is being worked on by someone
How to Warp a Louet Spring Loom
How to Warp a Louet Spring Loom
an old wooden machine with lots of keys
AVL 12 Harness Folding Mechanical Dobby
loom, AVL Mechanical Dobby
an old fashioned wooden folding chair with books on it
Saori loom Took my first Saori Weaving class. So much fun. I'm hooked
an old weaving machine is sitting on the floor in front of a blue wall and yellow tape
AVL Dobby Loom
AVL Dobby Loom | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an old weaving machine is sitting next to a small table with a wooden structure on it
Megado | My Website
Louët :: Megado - The Compu-dobby version of this is my dream loom. Tough decision whether to go for the 32 shaft version or not. Need that lottery win!
a wooden loom with several different types of looms on it's sides
Ashford Katie Portable Folding Table Loom
Ashford Katie Loom - I have this loom and I do like it's compact size as it's far easier to carry around than my 24" table loom
two different types of weaving machines with one carrying bag and the other holding an object
Knitter's Loom 20 Inch with Bag Combo by AshfordF
Ashford Knitters Loom - 50cm Width + Carry Bag - a brilliant loom that's versatile and easy to carry around with the bag. Mine's been through a lot and still weaving happily away.
an image of a weaving machine on a white background
Ashford Table Loom 8 shaft 24"/600mm
Ashford Table Loom 8 shaft 24" - I do love this loom for sampling and used it a lot for my college work
a wooden loom sitting on top of a green and orange blanket with two handles
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 16"
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 16" - I'm trying to figure out a way to justify this loom as it's a good size and I've not got an Ashford Standard Rigid Heddle Loom
a wooden loom with green and white thread on it's sides, in front of a white background
Ashford SampleIt Loom
Ashford SampleIt Loom - I use these a lot for teaching beginners how to weave, as well as weaving on myself too