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the crocheted afghan is shown with different colors and sizes on it's sides
Crochet Your Own Climate Change Data Visualization Blanket - Make:
a colorful quilt is laying on the ground next to a potted plant and sidewalk
a quilt made up of many different types of buttons and fabric on the back of it
207. Algemene Tentoonstelling / Quilt Exhibition
a large quilt hanging from the side of a tree in front of a building with lots of colorful circles on it
My 1/2" hexagon quilt project
a quilt made to look like mickey mouse heads on a white wall with bookshelves in the background
My Scrappy Hexagon
several rows of colorful ties laid out on the floor in front of a television set
a large quilt is hanging on the wall in front of a display case that displays it's many different colored hexagonals
a bunch of hexagons that are laying on the floor
the table is covered with black and multicolored circles
Full Size Quilts