Ripped photos, Jacob a.k.a. Mailbomb

Ripped photos by Jacob a. Mailbomb Maybe an idea for the mental illnesses and feelings project : have the rip from cut marks and underneath write words like irk mean ones?


Australian performance artist, Stelarc, had an artificial ear surgically implanted into his arm to bring attention to the ways in which technology is blurring what is morally acceptable in terms of.

Daniel Ramos Obregón – Outrospection

“ by Daniel Ramos Obregon; Outrospection: The Body and Mind ”

Instrumented Bodies by Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick

Instrumented+Bodies with Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick designed a family of prosthetic musical instruments, including an external spine and a touch-sensitive rib cage, that create music in response to body gestures.

Daniel Ramos Obregón – Outrospection

Plaster Of Parts

Outrospection (detail) The Body and Mind - Daniel Ramos Obregón

Dieter Schnebel

Maulwerke (Mouth Works) and Other Compositions’ Graphic Scores by...

As somebody with one foot in the visual art world and the other in sound world, I have always been interested in the experimental music notation strategies.