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Performance artist Stelarc implants "third ear" in forearm Full Body Tattoo, Body Tattoos, High Tech Low Life, Virtual Reality Systems, Australian Photography, Body Piercings, Environmental Art, Body Modifications, Body Mods


Australian performance artist, Stelarc, had an artificial ear surgically implanted into his arm to bring attention to the ways in which technology is blurring what is morally acceptable in terms of...

As somebody with one foot in the visual art world and the other in sound world, I have always been interested in the experimental music notation strategies. Aside from the fact that these are often beautiful artifacts, I… Graphic Score, Musical Composition, Experimental Music, Sound Art, Music Score, Sound Design, Music Stuff, Art World, Scores

Maulwerke (Mouth Works) and Other Compositions’ Graphic Scores by...

Postmodern composer, musicologist and theologian Dieter Schebel (1930, -), before challenging the definition and the limits of music by expressing it as an art form, had a rigorous training with people the likes of Pierre Boulez and Theodor W.Adorno, among others. His interest lies in sound...

Instrumented+Bodies with Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick designed a family of prosthetic musical instruments, including an external spine and a touch-sensitive rib cage, that create music in response to body gestures. Sound Installation, Interactive Installation, Interactive Architecture, Body Gestures, Vintage Medical, Art For Art Sake, Clever Design, New Perspective, Art Plastique

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Stories about technology in architecture and design including robotics, artificial intelligence, computing, drones and space exploration.

Daniel Ramos Obregón’s work combines sculpture and fashion design to create unusual accoutrements. The artist’s latest series of wearable porcelain pieces, “Outrospection,” … Daniel Ramos, Body Cast, Inspiration Art, Art Inspo, Exploration, Astral Projection, Out Of Body, 3d Studio, Body Adornment

Outrospection by Daniel Ramos Obregon

plaster body parts by Daniel Ramos Obregon