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Well - I seem to have a big influx of new readers! Can't think why....

– I seem to have a big influx of new readers! *ahem* Please feel free to say hello in here, and please check out the archives and have a good old read of some past articles! Long live The Man Who Saved Movies!

Phone Number Elasticated Bracelet £7.00

Keep children safe by making sure they always have your phone number to hand. These bracelets are elasticated (no fiddly clasps) and have the phone number of your choice on them.

So - Hugh Jackman's final performance as Wolverine is here! We were promised hard R

[SuperBowl] Un spot TV émouvant pour Logan, final des aventures de Wolverine

Batman and Lt James Gordon are in the midst of their war on crime. Their

Find how batman works out. Unveiling Christian Bale Workout Routine, know Christian Bale's Diet plan, the batman workout regime and more.

John Connor is now an adolescent. His mother Sarah is in and out of mental

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Time-Traveling Android Is Back in the ‘Terminator Re-Release Trailer

One night in Los Angeles two visitors from the future arrive. They are both looking

and Annapurna Pictures, the companies behind the upcoming Terminator film trilogy, are expanding the franchise to television with a TV series to be done in conjunction with the first rebooted Terminator film slated for release in

Many of my readers aren't comic book fans. I'm really hoping I change that. I'm

Many of my readers aren& comic book fans. I& really hoping I change that.