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La Dolce Vita shares this bathroom with incredible an owl mural on a brick wall and gorgeous bath tub. Owl Mural by Elizabeth Gra.

Good Life of Design: OUTDOOR MIRRORS good idea with old frames

Outdoor mirror suggestion for fireplace to replace planter baskets. Mirror tipped slightly to reflect rear gardens best. Outdoor Mirrors - great ideas for using mirrors in the garden - via Good Life of…

While this may not look like much to the naked eye, it is actually a long mirror attached to a wall in which an applied lead design is made to resemble a wrought iron gate.  What you see in the mirror is a reflection of the garden IN FRONT of the mirror, not a gate, in which you are looking through to see the garden.  I have always wanted to do this.

Wrought Iron Garden Mirror Gate

Wrought iron glass mirror gate to bring depth to garden - acrylic mirrors are lighter and resist shattering

Twig-framed garden mirror. Love!

We dont really need our garden to look bigger, but hey, why not, its pretty and can decrease the amount of plants needed by duplicating the 'look'

Hang a metal frame mirror on a garden wall. It makes it look like it is a window to another space

25 Thrifty Ways to Create Outdoor Dining

accessorize outdoor space with mirrors (this one is beautiful!) Hung on a garden wall, a mirror acts like a window to another space. And 25 more Thrifty Ways to Create Outdoor Dining

garden mirror

Mirrors in the garden, sigh. This would just amplify the number of weeds in my garden.

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