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Axel is not having your head games, Saix. // This made me laugh.... and then my feels hurt :(

Axel is not having your head games, Saix. Axel's face cracks all the shit XD. <Hahahhahahhah I can't take it lol Axel's face omg< I love how he grabs Roxas and he dangles there like a confused puppy

Sora is confused. And I think I just heard 10,000 fangirls screaming at once.

I hope Aqua says something about meeting Sora before. Except I know either way, Sora will eventually realize what happened to Ventus

Hm, interesting. I've never felt any pity for Vanitas, but it's interesting to see what he personally thinks and feels. I do want to see him develop more as an antagonist.

One of the sadder villains of kingdom hearts, and to read canon content like this makes it all the more poignant that these characters suffer