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Shattering Classroom Boundaries: Teach Seasons with Print-and-Go Science One-Pagers
Ever considered transforming your student into the Earth itself? Our revolutionary class demo idea does just that. See the Earth's revolution and tilt in effect right in your classroom. Perfect for any public or homeschool science setting, thie teaching resource will grab the attention of your struggling readers and empower them to read. Click to surprise your students today!
the parts of my heart worksheet is shown in this graphic above it's description
Elementary Science: Parts of the Heart
Elementary Science: Parts of the Heart by KidZ Learning Connections
The Ultimate Seasons Resource Pack for Upper Elementary & Middle School Science Teachers
Ready to upgrade your upper elementary or middle school science class? We've got Google slides, comics, engaging activities, and new innovative ways of teaching seasons. Perfect for any public or homeschool science classroom, this print-and-go teaching resource presents the information in a science cartoon format. Click to explore the Seasons Resource Pack that will make teaching fun and intuitive.
Secrets to Keeping Learning Levels High in Your Science Classroom After State Testing
Discover how to keep your students engaged and energetic after the draining state tests. I'm revealing my top 3 end-of-year activities that are super fun, low-prep and low-cost. These STEM activities make learning exciting, even as the school year winds down. These activities are great for any public or homeschool science classroom. Click to learn more.
Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Comics in K5 Learning and Enriching Elementary Student Success
Learn how to easily incorporate comic-style science cartoons into your teaching methodology. This print-and-go elementary and middle school resource is crafted to align with NGSS standards and incorporates hands-on STEM activities, utilizes Google slides, and more. Take advantage of the graphic novel craze and improve engagement and retention in your science classroom. Learn more about Cool School Comics and grab some FREE samples today. Your students will thank you!
Surprise! Comic-Style Science Cartoons are the New Teaching Tool for Upper Elementary Classrooms.
Thought comics were just for fun? Think again! Educators are increasingly using science cartoons to reinforce learning in a fun and interactive way. Cool School Comics provides ready-to-go science lessons, supplementing them with engaging add-ons that hold the reader's attention better than traditional worksheets. Perfect for any public or homeschool science classroom, this teaching resource will leave your learners excited to read science. Learn more about this impactful reading tool now!