Last year I’ve stayed at Hotel du Ministere in Paris and loved my room already (read and see my report here) and now they’ve opened up a complete apartment on the top floor! 3 reasons to stay there: you like to stay.

Manners Inspiration #226 - Manners Magazine

Rolf Bruggink, a Dutch designer, calls his crumbling town house in Rotterdam the Black Pearl, after the black-painted brick facade.

Van traditioneel woonhuis naar modern onderkomen - Roomed

cosgriff house by christopher polly architect - external retractable and adjustable venetian blinds

Manners Inspiration #258 - Manners Magazine

Manners Inspiration #258 - Manners Magazine

modern huis

designed by studio puisto and bas van bolderen architectuur, 'huize looveld' took only one and a half years to complete.

Renovated apartment Amsterdam - Bricks Studio

Project: Residential Location: Amsterdam & The Netherlands Work: Interior Design Size: 100 Sq mtrs