Mirrored black and white photographs by Fabienne Rivory.

Mirrored black and white photographs, with what is clearly the perfect amount of brightly-hued watercolor paint. All of these pieces are from a 2013 series, titled Miroir, by Paris based artist Fabienne Rivory.

Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

Ulla Jokisalo, fotógrafa finlandesa, nació en 1955 en Kannus, vive y trabaja en Helsinki. En algunas de sus obras combina bordado, hilos y fotografía, formando una imagen con una narrativa propia y estilo personal.

Ulla Jokisalo...

lnop avec un A comme op Ulla Jokisalo Under supervision, 2008 Giclee print, needles and embroidery on canvas (Source : nearlya)

Embroidered currency --- could do this with tickets or leaflets or something

Hand-sewn cash from all over the world. - the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.

Andrea Joseph Thought processes displayed artistically. Doodles. Exciting to look at, amusing and confusing.

Andrea Joseph - Apparently she makes moleskine "zines" and she's sort of weirdly, bizarrely humorous.my kind of humorous.so yeah.another posting of hers.