beetle print, same style as the cacti and cat one

Jaakko Vasko uploaded this image to 'Sketchbook' *scratch board imagery for WF

Do you love art? Meet artist Lisa Congdon on my blog now. Her illustrations & drawings are gorgeous // By Found Some Paper

Wouldn't it be cool if each of us personalizing a set # of zines by adding paint pastel or paint accent to a page or This idea of applying paint or embellishment to the actual page that we customize would be cool.

Adam Gale beetle prints

I’ve come down with a bad case of beetlemania after spotting these gorgeous illustrations by UK-based designer Adam Gale.

Bugs and butterflies Collection

Scientist Antione Magnan proved that bumblebees are incapable of flight. In his 1934 book, ‘Le Vol des Insectes’, he says, ”.prompted by what is done in avia

Bee woodcut, woodblock print, garden £22.00 More

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