Los Carpinteros. Houses, and wooden chairs, being taken over by geometric, glass-like crystal formations.

i’m jealous of los carpinteros (The Jealous Curator)

Houses and wooden chairs, being taken over by geometric glass-like crystal formations, amazing watercolor paintings.

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small piece 08 ink and watercolor on watercolor paper x part of Small Pieces, a series of 51 paintings made for a special project in collaboration with my musician;

Credit: http://tomasz-mro.deviantart.com/art/Mundane-Desires-526185840

The simplistic water colour with a saddened look in her eyes and facial structure with what could be portrayed as a wound to the right side of her head show the dispiriting emotions she is feeling.

Collage by Anthony Gerace

Meticulous Collage Work by Anthony Gerace

design-overdose: “ Meticulous Collage Work by Anthony GeraceAt first glance Anthony Gerace’s collages look like orderly mosaics.

Eibatova Karina

Mineral Admiration: Watercolor Paintings of Crystals by Karina Eibatova watercolor rocks posters and prints illustration geology

Our New Favourite Collage Artists | AnOther Anthony Gerace

Our New Favourite Collage Artists

rocks, minerals, and stone image

organic lines / color combination / muted: Rock Illustration, Illustration Crystal, Mineral Illustration, Vintage Mineral, Gem Tattoo

Artist - Alex Garant

Official website of Canadian artist Alex Garant. Queen of Double Eyes, Leader of Contemporary Figurative Op Art.

minerals and crystals, vintage illustration from a Hungarian geology book