Inhale (yellow) 2002  Michael Craig Martin

Inhale (yellow) 2002 Michael Craig Martin Together/ Still-life/ Scale/ Bright/ Flat/ Line/ Overlap

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I like the simplicity of this piece by Michael Craig Martin. The contrast in the major colours and the use of lines.

This artwork is called "Full Life" by Michael Craig-Martain, was created in 1985 and is made with oil paint on aluminium and steel. It is now in a Tate gallery, however, not on display. Personally I like this artwork because I like to look at it and find things I didn't notice that where there before. Here is some more information on Michael Craig-Martain

Michael Craig-Martin (b. - "Full Life", 1985 - Oil paint on aluminium and steel


From Gagosian Gallery, Michael Craig-Martin, Eye of The Storm Acrylic on Canvas, 132 × 110 in