Gurney Journey: Sketching a Coke can

A few years ago I was sitting in a beer garden in Clonmel, Ireland, looking for something to sketch, when my eye fell upon a crushed Coke .

this guy and I have a lot in common. - soda pressed.

I have picked out a drawn crushed coke can this one could show more tone to be rubbed out because it looks quite dull. However, the ellipse is really well drawn and there is good use of colours.

painting on drinks cans - Google Search

These three paintings (pictured here side by side and separately below) will be on view at the Douglas Udell Gallery in Edmonton at their C.

drawing crushed soda cans - Google Search

I have chosen this pencil drawing because this is a good example of how I could draw ellipses so it looks like it is a real can also the writing curves round so this also makes it look more realistic.

Crushed flattened can.

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