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Billy Kidd   Beautiful Decay inspiration

These beautiful set of photographs of decaying orchids, roses and leaves were shot by Billy Kidd, an extremely talented photographer based in New York.

This image uses low key photography but in colour, it has very crisp detailed edges

Billy Kidd (yes, the one from yesterday’s post) is a talented photographer. His series of decaying flowers is so moody and mysterious. He should really consider shooting for Bloom Magazine. Here are some of my favorite dying flowers shot by Billy Kidd.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz pasó sus bodegones a otro nivel cuando decidió trabajar con la fruta. Atraído por el interior de las piezas comunes de fruta (sus semillas, sus venas, su carne translúcida y los ...

Dennis Wojtkiewicz turned his still lifes to another level when he decided to work with the fruit. Attracted by the interior of the common pieces of fruit, their seeds, their veins, and their translucent flesh.