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This place is all about comedian/actor Dylan Moran. You may know him from the series Black Books or How Do You Want Me. He was also in the movie Shaun of the Dead.


Idea for 'quiet time ' Post it notes are also called idiot notes , but it results in a quiet few minutes in a hectic day - pass me that pad of Post it's ASAP !

Thank you, Jez. Opposites So do not attract!

Peep Show - I just started watching and LOVE it! I also just realized that Mark and Jeremy are like the male versions of Daria and Jane; but much funnier, awkward, and Jeremy is definitely less annoying. Super Hans is kind of like Jeremy's Trent too!

"I am doing excellent shopping."

I feel like I really am Mark from Peep Show. "I am doing excellent shopping.

David Mitchell on QI.

If you're ever trying to get the eye out of a fish and it blinks, it may be a lion.

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Series IV.

Hugh Laurie playing Georgina in Major Star, an episode of Blackadder Goes Forth


"Even if I hit ya; Or grab your arm and bend it up behind your back until it snaps like a f*cking KitKat, you still tell me 'no,' right?" ('Peep Show';

Men with Ven. Yes.

peepshow, Super Hans discusses becoming Men With Ven, with jez. I literally just watched this one as well

Maybe the best thing I've ever seen.

Maybe the best thing I've ever seen.

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant

Alan Davies on QI. Adorable.

Alan Davies - Most adorable man of all time. Always puts a smile on my face :D