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Image result for makaton symbols free download

Image result for makaton symbols free download

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American Sign Language (ASL), has been one of the primary means of communication for the deaf in the United States and many parts of Canada since the It is estimated that between to 2 million people use the language on a regular basis.


Stop is a very satisfying sign. Must teach this to my grandchildren. All kids should learn to sign, it is fun for them and can start before they can talk.

Sign Language (ASL) Word of the Week – Music

To sign music, hold left arm out with a flat palm facing slightly towards you, then use your right hand with a flat palm to sway back and forth from the .

sign language for bathroom so kids don't interrupt teaching.

There are perhaps around two hundred sign languages in use around the world today, including sign language bathroom. By knowing the sign language bathroom, it helps us easily to communicate with some hearing disabled people about bathroom.