Lucian Freud - Double Portrait - 1985-86  RIP 20.07.2011 with such a vast body of work it's hard to have a favourite. he was a master to rival the greatest.

Double Portrait by Lucian Freud, The girl here is Freud's daughter and one of their Whippets. I have a large framed copy of this. LOVE it. The Whippet looks just like one I had in the late too.

Lucien Freud, Blond Girl on a Bed.  Art Experience NYC

showmeartwork: Lucian Freud Blond Girl on a Bed 1987 Oil on canvas 41 x 51 cm

From series "Men in Cities" by Robert Longo based on his iconic charcoal drawings from 1979. Via #itsnicethat.

Larry Gagosian dancing or dying for Robert Longo. Original picture of the men in the cities drawing series. Picture: Robert Longo- 2005 Galerie In camera

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