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repurposed umbrella lamp (I bet I could use antique umbrellas/parasols!

How To Hack An Umbrella

Sometimes I think all of us are a little bit too attached to our stuff. It makes us use our stuff so much until there is nothing left to do with it anymore. If that makes sense, surely you know there are a lot of things out there that have a second hand use. Probably everything does when I think about it. A milk carton can become a flower pot and boxes full of old and battered VHS tapes can become a geeky bookshelf. All we need is to have a little bit of imagination, and we should be able

balloon molded container/bowls of cement. Lightly pack wet cement over balloons; let set, but not dry, then shift them so that they do not stick to ballon. After dry, deflate balloons. Concrete Bowl, Concrete Art, Concrete Garden, Concrete Planters, Decorative Concrete, Smooth Concrete, Concrete Design, Concrete Casting, Concrete Light

TOP 10 DIY Projects With Concrete - Top Inspired

Concrete is one of the latest trends in interior decor. Many designers are now using this material in unexpected and unusual ways. With some DIY

The Hush Shade was originally designed as a way to use the waste felt produced when making the Hush Seating Pod, in accordance with designer Freyja Sewell’s minimal waste mantra. STORY Displaying the

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Henry Wilson 'Bedrock Lamp' Light atop a cast concrete bag

Applying gold leaf is fun (and easier than you might think). Gilt circles gleam against a satiny black finish while the interior sheds a flattering glow.

DIY: la Compression d’Un abat-jour, en le Peignant Avec des Couleurs …

DIY: Zipping Up A Lamp Shade, Painting It With Colour!

I picked up a little glazed ceramic lamp base at the thrift store not too long ago, but had no idea what to do for a shade. Knew I wanted to DIY something, but not sure what. And then I came across…

luminaire 으 lamp light home design deco suspension main hand

Luminária - um bom presente....

Arandela de parede ou luminária de mesa. design valentino Fialdini na Coisas da Doris Jardins e Iguatemi