Kate Bush.

Kate Bush, complete and utter legend. I literally struggle to find the words to…

The beautiful & amazing Kate Bush! I know she's not a band but hey she rocks

Kate Bush at an old piano, wearing a very fragile, flocked velvet and fringed flapper jacket from the Kate is wearing it over a satin nightie. Picture is from an article "Tales Of Christmas Past" by Jan Etherington, Christmas 1978

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Kate Bush- colour still from "The Ninth Wave" (Hounds of Love) by her brother John Carder Bush.

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the most original artist of her and any other generation, spending an absolute fortune to see her live in was an absolute pleasure, as her performance was astonishing

Kate Bush...

kate bush, vintage British singer songwriter and cat lover. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Kate Bush

Divas: the power of the female voice: 50 Words For Kate: - Pleasure - Two weeks today Kate Bush will be performing live once again. Today we look back to her last interview on British TV, some 21 years ago, and the debut of one of her most beloved songs.

Kate Bush. Genius,

Divas: the power of the female voice: 50 Words For Kate: - Glorious - A week today, Kate Bush will play her first live concert in 35 years! Today we have maths, dirty laundry, Joan of Arc and magic spells. must mean Kate has got an album out!