Lichtenstein - Cubist Still Life (1974)

Pablo Picasso was Lichtenstein's hero, says National Gallery curator Harry Cooper. Lichtenstein painted his Picasso-inspired Cubist Still Life in

David Hockney - This mural is made up of photographs. Even though the photos don't go together they still look really effective together. As I do photography I could take the photos, put them together and paint them.

David Hockney photo collage of a chair - Hockney shows how several viewpoints can be combined within the one photo montage to create an image that is intriguing and cohesive, despite the distorted perspective.

Juan Gris - The Book, 1911

Juan Gris - The Book - , individual art card order at discounted prices!

Pablo Picasso, "Still Life with Skull, Leeks and Pitcher," 1945. Courtesy Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. © Succession Picasso/DACS 2010.

midcenturia: “ Pablo Picasso, Still Life with Skull, Leeks and Pitcher, 1945 ”

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